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Everything posted by fastZeetec302

  1. the boss of what? getting pissed off at people who dont like shitty rappers that you do? lolol noob blah blah blah blah:lol:
  2. ugh, another alright show canned.. i can only hope they do what they did with family guy. bring it back after they see how much dvd sales they got.
  3. yawn? what did you put on buddens new album?
  4. but you like joe buddens. no matter if i fucked up or not. i still win.
  5. nah man, trust me i hit disapprove.and it kept saying thanks for giving you rep(its been doing that for a while). and im not a noob. i couldnt remember my password so i had to make a new name. ive been on here since 06.
  6. enjoy listening to shitty rap music, pussy.
  7. wait... no more king of the hill? when in the hell did this happen
  8. this dude, for real im serious when i say he only had one song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ1G0-ddAiA
  9. didnt he only have one song? pump pump pummpp it up
  10. hahahahah you guys take shitty 80's music really serious. but for real... billy idol is fucking awful.:lol:
  11. hey guys.... page 3 and billy still sucks. teeheeee
  12. no matter how many tampons i have on my name, billy idol will always suck.
  13. bob kelly, who is opening for him is 100 times funnier than dane cook.
  14. went back home the other day, moms had pulled pork ready. mmmmmmm
  15. im saying for 400 dollars for a phone, they should build a tower in my back yard.
  16. rawhide bones are no nos for any type of bulldogs, they have such small throats and rawhide breaks apart so big. if i were you id get her some huge pig ears. she'll tear that shit up (and not your couch)
  17. my family is all about english bulldogs, had em since i was born. make sure you clean in the face folds and the fold by the tail/ clean ears. that shit can get infected. and someone said it earlier but make sure you have a nice cool place for him. bulldogs cant fuck with heat. your best bet is to go buy a book all about taking care of french bulldogs. have fun man. bulldogs are great animals.
  18. hahahaahah wow, people get salty when you say billy idol sucks. too bad he does suck.
  19. i got an iphone, and that shits a 400 dollar paper weight. you can do everything but keep a fucking call on it.
  20. maybe if interpol wore some baggy jeans, dunks and a fitted you would love them.
  21. nothing about the playoffs, but i gotta say derek boogaard is a fucking beast.
  22. i agree, more shitty family pics!
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