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  1. is it stange that i know the owner of the blog the first picture is from? all the images are things i've posted in the past. the 3rd pic in.
  2. Fuck Rusty. Im pretty sure this belongs to a 12oz member.
  3. Im not reading through 11 pages of this, but why the fuck are you stressin when you smashed her girl while seeing her?
  4. that avant looks much better without those terrible florida colored wheels.
  5. why are they not in belfast yet? it seems like it takes those dudes forever to figure shit out and mobilize.
  6. beartrapper25


    fuck that sonik for 375? thats stupid cheap.
  7. ashamed to admit that i saw this exact storyline on an episode of the closer last year.
  8. you must spread some reputation around before giving it to Just the Tip again made me lulz.
  9. landlines are useful when setting up your digital conversion boxes from comcast.
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