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  1. i thought this was an immigration thread
  2. testpattern

    "Graffiti Utility Backpack $79.99"...WTF

    "no, officer, those are just bags of dehydrated NY fats"
  3. testpattern

    Match.com, the new haven for the desperate

    fuck, i'm a liberal, stoner cop who doesn't eat meat but dj's italian house on the side to my kids and ex-wife. but only in a movie i act in (screenplay by my homeboy that i sometimes go down on), yet i love this woman. should i change myself for her?
  4. testpattern

    So, I guess cops aren't so bad after all.....

    you guys think this is cool? this is fucked up!
  5. testpattern

    Has Punk/Heavy Metal ruined graffiti's 'style'?

    just as lots of people were too square for punk rock music, lots of people are too square for punk rock graffiti. rap letters forever?
  6. testpattern

    12oz embarassing moments megathread

    this thread is awesome. fever dream is fucked up. does it qualify as outsider art? those midi drums are so wack!!
  7. testpattern

    Nov 2nd.

  8. testpattern

    The GLK

    nah, that shit is awesome
  9. testpattern

    it even gives road head..

    i prefer neighborhood roadhead to freeway roadhead, although both are great and it is a little like apples and oranges
  10. testpattern

    it even gives road head..

    road head is awesome
  11. testpattern


    where i live in houston, every night at sunset flocks of bats come out and feed on the insects and shit in the trees by my house. bats can give you rabies. if you are bitten by a bat, you need to get that shit checked immediately. be careful around those fools!
  12. testpattern

    four loko is racist

    fucking shivers, man. i want to drink 4loko because it seems kinda epic, but i can't stand energy drinks and shit like that. they really fuck me up and make me feel horrible. i drink 40s of olde english though. maybe six months ago i was noticing on the blue raspberry MDs, the logo was wearing a gold chain that said BLINGBLING in diamonds for NO fucking reason. it's like some out of touch old dude was like "how can we appeal to the black folks?"
  13. testpattern

    Pornstars are people too?

    tyra is poisonous to humanity and especially to the women in our country yo reaaaaaal talk
  14. testpattern

    i want to poop back and forth

    props for posting probably the dumbest video on youtube