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  1. Jerm4

    The best of Google Video and YouTube

    woah this is pretty dope.. http://vimeo.com/988244
  2. i was not. i didnt see said dude but i was only there for 45 minutes or so. i did lose a dollar to a dude playing connect 4 though.
  3. thats fucking wierd. i was there. that night. my freind had a table set up too. had to buy a bikes win tee (ideum) for my sis for xmas cause shes a hipster on a bike.
  4. Jerm4


    i went to my local san fransisco one. had a helluva time. lots of santas. go figure.
  5. Jerm4

    4 Loko Appreciation

    1 for the money, 2 for the road, 3 to get ready and 4 loko.
  6. Jerm4

    i want to poop back and forth

    yikes. i only saw it on youtube. don't they end up making out or something?
  7. Jerm4

    925 - east of the east bay

    antes menor bump. kids are talented.
  8. Jerm4

    i want to poop back and forth

    i love the girl skateboards tee shirt that corresponds. ))<>(( Forever.
  9. now i'm sure you fuckers have already been all over this but i didn't find anything after a quick, half assed search. i don't know why i can't stop elling oh el. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeBQrUpDQU8
  10. Jerm4

    Exit Through the Gift Shop

    just saw this flick last night. i thought it was fuckin awesome. it's not really about banksy. it's about the guy that tried to do a documentary on banksy who by most standards is basically retarded. and he's fuckin crazy. it's funny as shit.
  11. Jerm4

    12oz lurkers Slients Watchers

    i go through phases of lurkitude. funny this thread was right on top as i haven't been here in some time.
  12. Jerm4

    Best Usernames

    hot butter up a lions ass osama been mobbin
  13. Jerm4

    i am a fat fucking piece of shit

    my homeboy lost over a hundred pounds on that nutrisystem shit. took him like nine months. it ain't even that expensive if you compare it to all the shit on your current diet.
  14. Jerm4

    Oontz oontz oontz!!

    not gonna lie. i went to lovefest in sf and had a blast. talk about oontz.
  15. Jerm4


    i hear journey all the time round here too. usually cause im the one doing cocaine and blasting it at full max tho.