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  1. i heart abels fa life. but half that scrap can shit looks horrible despite being done by dope writers. krylon, i'm happy to see you go.
  2. You're so fucking stupid. I was in a sales meeting with a Saudi friend of mine who got fired on 9/11 because as the reports came in and work came to a standstill, he stood up and said "America got what it deserved, this is what happens". Do i agree with what he said? Not personally. Is this any different than 5 stupid israeli's dancing? not really. You need to get your head out of your ass and start doing productive things instead of reading Robert Icke books. Let this thread be PALESTINIAN GRAFFITI instead of UNINFORMED AMERICAN TRYING TO RUN THE WORLD WITH MORE MISGUIDED INFORMAT
  3. Dude shut the fuck up. Israel didn't have shit to do with 9/11 shut the fuck up. Props to the dudes writing on the wall. Arabs and Israelis work together. If only on hashish, they get along, at least a little. Not all Arabs are bad, Not all Jews are. Keep pimpin'
  4. i heard vizie painted that tupac piece. props meng
  5. one'a'ya needs to register and tell her what it sez.
  6. post some unseen transit panels damnit!
  7. PROFESSIONAL TRAIN PAINTING Covered everything visible, every door hinge and all, i love you.
  8. post some of your buenos aires subway panels. show us how hardcore you are. smartest, most awesomest thread EVAH
  9. those guys aren't WIGGERS they're JUGGALOS DUH
  10. STORY IN ENGLISH: During the last ride subway trains Soviet production cannons things. Passengers had to disembark from the vehicle. Legendary Soviet production was set today to complete the last ride. In the metro station B Lužiny it but threw the box with three attackers plehovkami full color. Video: TV Nova Add Video to: Further Instructions Blog.cz Myspace Facebook All výtečníci belonged to younger age. The front of the train and metro stations from the whole dirty blue, yellow and green. As the driver saw the attack take a look at the video under the heading o
  11. i'm so glad you're serious. and while you keep thinking that, a local was the first to paint just about every system in the US. make that every system in the US- unless you prove me wrong.
  12. What exactly is that background doing though? i can't figure out if it's a splash or volcano eruptions
  13. night play is the dvd. you can get it at oinkart.
  14. bump all the stuff i haven't seen. feeling the nic flicks
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