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  1. bump that FAU action norsk is the coolest looking train ever , but looks like the most complicated thing to paint ever.
  2. is this for real? or just a joke? If so RIP Gimer. Dude was a fucking beast. Portland should give thanks.
  3. you get a free mop with hamaz 3 at http://www.oinkartltd.com right now ... just ordered mine, heard it's a dope movie
  4. You can't guarantee yet that the cans you're using are of the new pigment grade, i think you've got 6-12 months before all cans are of the grade Ironlak speaks of above. Read the last few pages to get feedback on the current cans.
  5. did this nerd really write happy b-day god? that has to be the most gay xmas shout out ever.
  6. bump gufe... and bump painting solo
  7. Bump the Big Homie Hindue. Dude is unquestionably the man. One of the hardest working freight writers ever.
  8. i love this kind of shit. because posting a flick of an object that shares the same word, that means that the poster wasn't trying to be clever and bump the writer the thread is about, no, it's an egotistical american subtly saying (without typing it at all) "Oh he named himself after an american fighterjet i'm going to put him on blast". Stop being a dickface and enjoy the thread. Not all americans are assholes like you, and most of us were read books when we were young, hence the ability to fucking read and write. Jackass.
  9. Damn dude i thought i was the king of 12oz TX cry babies but you've taken the cake lately. From thread to thread, you consistently just whine, cry, whine. Keep it up, you're at an impressive pace! And check the RIP threads Kizer MURDERED shit. Bump Cares, Habits
  10. adek, screw, malvo, gun, that's like the out of towner all star super spot
  12. BigMetalCircus is right. I had a long talk via email with James about this, remember they did Volume Discounts down to $3.60 a can before, but have now decided to eat the shipping cost (minimum $12 to ship via UPS, costs $1+ a can) so they can provide "a more honest service" as he put it. So basically, add $1.25+ minimum, a lot more if under 36 cans, to the price per can you see on other sites to see the real cost. It's still, and always will be, cheaper at Oink. & 33third put their prices back up to $3.95 since they made this chart - so add 20 cents more to their prices. Not to
  13. sao paulo, brazil. i'm about 99.99% positive. if i'm right, i also know the dude who took it, haven't talked to him in ages. i mean, does that dude really look japanese to you guys? c'mon.
  14. that woes panel is stupid nice clash doesn't deserve it ;)
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