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  1. lulz @ out of towners trying to comment on the status of the city worry about your city dallas is looking pretty proper right now, lots of fill in's, crushed hwy signs just because the filcks aren't on here doesn't mean it's not being done
  2. evero! tsp! bone! ceno! coh tag! more! more!
  3. indeed PCP and cinko have a certain stretch of hwy on smash right now. some sidebusting but still smashed
  4. called sarcasm rolling nowhere saw a goes truck today. bump goes and noel!
  5. That Grows Musto olde English jawn goes hard!!
  7. bump the houston stuff, wyse, abels, eye, dz, and that d-30 hangdown that's player
  8. Do you really purchase more inventory on the 1st then once again upon the 5th?
  9. i might concur with best of generation. devoted to the craft. and yes there's nothing good about rape >
  10. pyrex, brain, haret, nephe, desa, nspyr, and the paint covered chirren
  11. old doper action this dude went back and did the piece at the spot where he already had the throw up! damn!
  12. your talent at stealing flicks from various blogs and euro forums and sprinkling in immature profanities is uncanny! i'll bet $200 you've never been in a fight in your fucking life. shut up dude.
  13. shut the fuck up tough guy. i asked a simple question. want to give me a smart ass answer i'll point out the obvious. who are you anyway? i would think any actual d30 member is too busy to rack up 1000+ posts in a less than a year. but feel free to prove me wrong with a 3 post response.
  14. you guys are some little smart ass bitches. so D30 is the new MSK? or maybe the new TKO? man that's so radical!
  15. wow you painted the chill side of a business during the daytime. that's awesome.
  16. this bringinphillyback guy is HILARIOUS he should get his own talk show with oprah or some gay dude as the co-host
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