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  1. Jeloe is a chick for sure? Interview i read sure sounded like a man?
  2. fuckkk ether is just too fucking cold and that woes - dude is killin em
  3. getsum - talk tough to me more - then talk about how i'm so ethug - it's so invigorating!
  4. ohhh that's below the belt. bump that watchmen spellout, teel, and muy guapo!
  5. tis true... it's being printed as we speak, no way you watched it on your DVD player unless you just wrote "2" on your 5AM 1 dvd.
  6. dub, boner, oe if it's new flicks let boner get posted dude is on that repetition shit for sure.
  7. graffiti isn't hip hop, it's a bunch of fat, bearded, hipster white guys getting paid by corporations to do legal stuff that looks illregal. am i right? am i right??
  8. nice tat! chicago crews love the birds as logos.
  9. great crew name. bump the texas heads
  10. hymom, you're so hardcore, man, i want to be like you. post flicks of the shit you've slashed/gone over instead of just talk talk talk... more flickr thefts... Looks to me like dude is holding it down in every sense of the word....
  11. i love how the most demonic crew names are typically threads full of legal walls. Yo, let's go kill a baby for Satan, then paint this p-wall, mang, hardcore!
  12. stupid fucking fag snitching over some misdemeanor bullshit. IF YOU ARE SCARED OF FUCKING JAIL STAY INSIDE BITCHES and don't paint with people you don't know well and don't have a record... fuck "street artists" only run with criminals that part time as vandals... keep your head up Koze your homies in dallas still support you 100%
  13. on the cool this is turning into a Metal Heads freight thread. More cleans! i'm going to resort to stealing from ether's interview pretty soon here!! did anyone even take the one i posted in updated american thread to put here? the bart...
  14. icepick... that's a gangster name... flickr theftolas:
  15. hey, how about this - ASK A LAWYER WHAT THE TYPICAL PENALTY IN YOUR JURISDICTION IS FOR YOUR CHARGE. it's that simple. asking people on here is ridiculous. Not a lawyer? Not in your area? Then the info is worthless!
  16. the infamous eyebal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWJi5_NPjj0&feature=player_embedded
  17. hey Kirpy TPG called and said they want their style back. And that if you're going to bite their style, at least do it on Tubes instead of London legal walls. Revok may set himself up, but you suck, dude. straight up. and aussie racism is played out.
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