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  1. aw man i turned over a new leaf i thought you knew! saw some UK guys up in San Antonio recently! Get krunk!!
  2. Twitter rules. Jeezy snitches on himself too, just on records. Who cares. Revok was asking for it. He treats graffiti as a career boost- so he'll get arrested occasionally. Life goes on. $15,000 & in the news is probably a victory to him.
  3. OinkArt now has Painters Touch 2x in 65 colors, with American Accent/Rusto/Painters Touch best selling colors. Gloss or satins, shit is dope. and $2.99ea site is dwn right now though so it's irrelevant haha
  4. like the dirty ones that always rode? word up that'd be so radical. and high top fades and fucking angeldust too. gotta have the angeldust!
  5. yeah, a guy who paints systems worldwide definitely couldn't paint buenos aires without a guide. c'mon dude.
  6. much respect to OC 80's graffiti... didn't realize that's what oc80 was a reference to. opium kills fellas.
  7. ether is my hero, but fuck 004. those guys suck. some writers may be riding the transit fame train but 004 is no doubt exploiting ether/etc for their own gain, a company run by 0 writers.
  8. 004 you're a fucking fag. nobody in TX gives a fuck about the lame asses you give paint to. really, nobody cares period. dipshit.
  9. your paint selling ads look a hell of a lot better than your fucking shit graffiti. damn this shit sucks. and ironlak doesn't clog caps. and can be bought for $4 ea. what can you offer for $4? oh yeah, not shit.
  10. spellout billboard? let's see it!
  11. i heard the cash prize was pulled. And really, every participant is either MSK/MSK affiliated/Ironlak team/team affiliated. Bit of a limited competition. Should be more like WWF Battle Royal i grew up watchin... 20+ participants 1 by 1 knock each other out until 2 left to go to war. And NO that's NOT like basketball Final 4. WWF FO LIFE
  12. You're fucking stupid. "the only funk i got is with the paint. Why does it cost so damn much" ? Ironlak is $4 a fucking can, dude. Come the fuck on. That's expensive? Weed is expensive. $240 a half oontz for some goody good out here. Now THAT's expensive.
  13. don't you know? they're all really from LA and just visit Chicago. No one from MUL actually LIVES in Chicago, c'mon now.
  14. you guys for sure win the "consistently weird but in a funny way" award for this website. i mean consistent.
  16. big t rex XG 13 - subscription copy, will list retailers soon with more Banos scans...
  17. agreed "respect a king , snitch or not" fuck that shit if he's not a snitch, great, king, if so, peasant
  18. you're a fag who's scared of intense action. dude was a politico, a loony, someone writing a POLITICAL message and ranting about politics and religion, not rallying his tag name along the wall or OH NO PUSHING THE EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON AND VANDALIZING THE TRAIN BECAUSE THAT'S THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD dude c'mon NEVER ONCE have ANY europeans used guns to "hijack" a train and "hold a conductor hostage" maybe threatened 'em with pipes and shit do that out here and your average driver is going to launch, take the pipe from the 14 year old and wonk him with it. c'mon dude.
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