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  1. oinkartltd.com cheapest ironlaks anywhere. $3.75 each, rustos are more expensive out here
  2. not even worth it. wasting my breath.
  3. man i love this shit. tags over tags. simple throws over tunnel pieces. MORE MORE MORE go TKO go RTD
  4. you guys take compliments well. glad to know i have so many fans in here though, that part's cool.
  5. what cities are you guys supposed to be in? i live in TX and i've never seen you up. I dig the styles but too many chill spots.
  6. fuck the usa toxic who i've NEVER heard of and NEVER seen bump for the REAL tox in london, pure damage, fuck every legal wall only shmuck that don't like it
  7. Hesus, somebody told me to check out this thread because it was so awesome, let me tell you: THEY WERE WRONG. Not only are you a fucking idiot, DSD, but it looks like all of Detroit needs to step out from behind the queervo chill wall and your cool action shots and get some real action on the streets. gotta be kiddin' me.
  8. Man this sucks. My jaw dropped looking at the cleans and couldn't even enjoy the rest. Great post but... I'm so sad right now.
  9. fuckkkk i love this guy! and SB, cheers for providing more motivation, but stick to the SB's your sick write out is HORRIBLE
  10. Re: 12OZ. NEEDS YOU... Lower the ad rates to where graff companies can advertise on here again. Instead of $20,000+ a year.
  11. the first all USA subway DVD in the works? http://bit.ly/P8Dga
  12. K4T M4NG Bump Tahoe and Metue, Ether, Dont
  13. hey how about this- #1 they are american crushing real panels on a regular basis. not all post every train or send to magazines regularly. "don't make any excuses about it" - uhh yeah if you're in russia, romania, etc where sentencing is hard (i have friends who are romanian and did 3 months for 1 panel in bucuresti - that is pretty hardcore) then that's a valid thing to say, but if you're in italy where there's zero incarceration for graffiti it's a bit ridiculous to expect americans to have the same #s when they're looking at for sure jail time for painting trains, and a chance of a seriou
  14. more metal. less austin legal walls. c'mon now! we all know youse guys kill it!
  15. i likey. bloody wishes - are you talking about horse rgk? or this guys' buddy horse? i love arguing over the most generic of words. stab him in the face!
  16. Don't hate, celebrate. Props to the "still kings of this US shit"
  17. rip oil, may peace and solace be with his family and friends, from this thread and the incredible things people said dude was not only a beast but also a great man. keep your head up everybody who actually knew him. G-d bless, from Dallas, TX
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