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  1. eido - the c looks like an e, the f and e are the same really, j looks like t cause of the direction it faces, and the l and z are essentially the same, maybe add a vertical bar on the right of the l? and wheres w and x...

    ...dope though..

  2. pie - none of those are simple... is it really hard to understand? SIMPLE <-- like that...


    vedo - work on proportions


    dahr - top d needs to connect at the topwithout the extra bar if youre usin that one... reality proportions off..


    dope umire lookin good..


    some, like the right u bar, are ok, but some... like the n's bottom-of-the-left bar, seem unnecessary, while in some areas, like the j, it just seems like too many arrows... try working with other types of extensions too, arrows can get really boring and repetitive...


    wheres the r? those can be really fun to get funky with...

  4. the people who pointed out that it was a repost actually complimented it... their "hate" was directed at the creator of the piece, not the piece itself... and it does get lame seeing reposts all the time...

  5. ^thought it was pretty good man, if anything try something even more out of your comfort zone, i see the 'battle thread' as a good place to try shit and add stupid extensions, random arrows, etc. and see what happens...





    random stuff ive tried today for the talkin:







    haha still workin on that though....

  6. dont fucking question me.i am a genious.




    a genious

    haha A FUCKIN GENI(O)US!


    im pretty sure you are lurkin and trollin, but if not you are an idjit and you should make a kool anarchy thread in crossfire... if there is not already 1 or 5..


    ...and lets pick a new word.

  7. dahr you dont have to have the same type of extensions on every letter, i know its a strong urge haha, to try and make them match, but i guess sometimes it causes some letters (in the last sketch the A, maybe R) to look ok with it, and some (D,H) to look worse than if you just had the basic letter..like its forced... i dunno just thoughts.

    and thanks for any crits everyone/anyone..

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