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  1. for real this is stupid.

    I typed a paragraph and deleted it.

    Really dont think anyone here will care.



    look at the bright side, though, blacken, no one will be saying 'nigger' or 'fag' when the internet is govt. regulated...

  2. top ones pretty good but the bottom is not. the r legs are curving too suddenly, try making it more gradual. the a left bars coming out the to is not working in this one wither, and the d seems small...

  3. Niggas murdered by police > your fucking windows.


    Not condoning the shit, just saying though.


    what about niggas murdered by windows? do we get to break police to get even?



    cops are people, people are shitty. but calling all police the enemy of the people is like calling your dick george washington, its pretty popular and kinda funny, but obviously bullshit.





    *CHALLENGE: how many different times can you post my fucking dick with symbols, etc before they are all banned? winner gets high 5!


  4. just finished 3 philosophers....ok i suppose, my bottle was flat... is it just me or does anyone else prefer delirium nocturnum to anything else... i liked the abt12 a lot, but still enjoyed the delirium more after... maybe the floating bits are magic unicorn dust? i dont know but that shit is outraageously good to me....

  5. radar id like to see you start messing with those straights, tryin simple extentions, etc.

    peon the p extension is weird and the letters dont flow well, the p is blocky but the e is more fluid/curvy, cool char though

    zen try other fonts man, but thats a cute that you heart 12oz haha


    and while markers are the subject, I have a drawer full of decos and prismas that I rarely use in favor of some cheap fibracolor 100 color set i picked up for $20, and i also dig crayola washable markers on some stuff...

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