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  1. it seems to have too much going on without a fundamental understanding of the structure, ie the wavy thin line making the middle bars, the arrows, etc.

    your letter width is also off in some places (left H bar, left A bar)

    and some of it just doesnt look becoming and should be adjusted/rethought (H+A connection at their bottom bar)


    My advice would be to work with simpler styles w/ no extensions at first to get the structure/width down..

  2. Just went to the website to find out if I can get this crap anywhere around me. Apparently it's sold nowhere in Northern Illinois (even though the company is located in Chicago?) but it is sold 15 minutes away from me in a town just across the IL/WI border. When I got a little extra money Im going to go and get a case and see what becomes of it. Ill report back when this happens.


    dont do this. just buy beers.


    ..or if you want the real 4loko official experience, here are the ingredients:


    1 part OE

    1 part urine (human or animal, depending on flavor)

    1 part 211

    2 caffeine pills (crush and mix)

    1 part melted 7/11 slush


    mix together, drink, wake up next to dead hooker.


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