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  1. Listening hard for noises, esp. at night because your floor has collapsed and animals ('possum, rats) occasionally get in, killing them if they did.


    Skinning animals/making stuff out of their bones and trying to sell it.


    The barter system.


    Fried bologna.


    Showers and shits by candlelight because electricity bill cant be paid til next week/month.


    Single-wide state of minds...

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  2. boom there seems to be too much goin on.. too many various widths and doo dadders.. im guessin you have been slackin on sketchin (me too ha) id start simple again and work my way to more add ons and such... does it say toast or toyst or something?

  3. propz- some of your lines are clean and the first p, though it looks familiar, is pretty cool... but most of your structure isn't good. IMO it looks as if you've never really done a crazy amount of simples. that will probably help.


    sewek - looking good man


    freak- you're full o chit finish that!

  4. rant - your fills/ coloring is pretty dope but your structure is lacking IMO. the letters are awkwardly bulky in some areas and the extensions also sometimes don't seem to have a purpose but to take up space... hope it helps..

  5. Yeah, I'm having a hell of a time with my handstyle. Any recommendations on getting a good handstyle down?


    yes, dont try to add to much to your letters, just like in (good) straights/throws/graffiti the letters, no matter how wacky, are based off of a good, simple letter structure. First get a clean simple hand down, just crazy basic ZOMB. Once this is possible with little to no effort everytime, maybe put a vertical line at the end of the bottom Z bar next 100000000 times... just keep pushing the basic letter, dont try to create a new one...


    ...and just to be clear with the cracks and other shit i say not to do.. i mean just dont FOCUS on these things. def. fuck with cracks, styles, stupid extensions, etc... you just dont need to post everything...




  6. bombthrowy whatever its all letters on walls look at your letters though.. do they fit together well? pointy tips on the u... bubble-type letters on the first 3 and a random straight h? use common sense and take a second to look at your shit and honestly crit yourself... also leave people alone beef and all that shit is for little girls ..

  7. zomb i would not do cracks or anything yet... they are not horrible or anything but cracks, 3d, effects, etc. should all be used in moderation and shouldnt be used until you have a good basic letter structure down... i know it sounds 'boring' to draw simples all day/years but it helps a lot... improving though..btw work on your handstyle as well(simple letters no tricks) ...

  8. for example on the k in yokai there is the area where the vertical bar meets the curved leg.. looks like it barely connected/has a chip out of it... thats what i was talking about though i dont know if thats what they are officially called..


    beast pretty cool, lots of neg space around b and e..


    You live in texas. So clearly the weed there is probably shitty fucking dirty ass weed from mexico. But the few mexico border states including texas is not the whole country, despite what your boy Bush thinks and most of the rest of the country gets it from the west coast or from canada.


    you know nothing of texas and california is a border state...


    ..and if you think your geographical location makes you better than anyone else you may as well just be French..


  10. root - linework not bad but its too much, do simples, get better structure..


    yokai - cut ins are mad fun, but remember to keep em sensible, ie with the cut in on the bottom leg of the y you have to keep the same angle at the bottom... hard to explain... just random stuff...

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