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  1. keep it chuggin..

    (sorry for the shitty pic..)


    ..thanks cneek.. you went a little overboard with the extensions but its good to experiment, and even the shittiest extension can lead to a dope idea later... appreciate it...


    ..anyone else wanna exchange?

  2. thats dope junior but id mess with it a little... the J is easily the best letter imo, the others arent as big ...or quite as defined/detailed... but dope..


    heres a cnek and a sheister ha...



  3. sik - thanks, yeah n's are shitty, ha... id work esp. on your proportions as far as corners and stuff.. on the d, for ex., the inside has sharp corners, where the outside has rounded corners... that really throws it off...


    private from earlier, i just realized how shitty the outline is ha...


  4. @red lol sharpies. im gettin prismas soon.


    this would be a waste of money... you should learn letter structure and how to draw straight lines before wasting money on expensive european art markers... :confused:





    a k:




  5. ^pretty cool man.. the last k doesnt seem to match... seems like a star kinda... and some of the letters and proportions are kinda weird... but def. some fun stuff in there...


    and that obscura is pretty cool too..

  6. speak, you really need to keep practicing simps... also, those hands arent that great, but dont do "wickets" or heart-letters or whatever... people already did that and you probably wont do it better... do your own thing, make your own path, blah blah...


    but yeh.

  7. shits dope perts...

    ...and is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time taking a sketch seriously when someone deliberately places their weed nug/sack/container nearby?

    ...gettin all excited like you just bought your first high times haha calm down...

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