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  1. if you are really trying to improve hikari let me offer advice:

    1.your stuff sucks and will for a while. realize this and use it as motivation..

    2. DO SIMPLES. no rock effects or vines etc. til you have. basic structure down.. which will take a while.

    3. don't post every sketch ...just practice and have fun...

  2. honestly, eli, (imo) you've always had too many cut-ins/continuing internal lines in 1 piece... and sometimes the letter structure (like on the 's' in abys) is just awkward... bars are good to a point, but you also have to throw in more curvy, abstract lines sooner or later... if that makes sense?

    i dont know..

  3. spawn of sham had this one, Zones had the best letters but it was a quick sketch no color or any of the cool shit you can do like S of S did. Whatever good battle i suppose, although i dont think umire should of won


    ...i think most people hold structure over coloring/cool fx? not hating just saying...

  4. none - throwies are alright although clearly generic/bit styles....do your own thing ..


    upon - letters way too crowded... sometimes people can pull off the letters-squished-onto-a-single-board look but that one is not good. go simpler.

  5. freak that looks dope man! i wish you would take the 2 more minutes or whatever it would take to thicken/thin outlines and make precise strokes cause your stuff would look infinitely ill if it was a tiny bit cleaner...

  6. Crits?


    your can control/fades/etc. aren't too bad, but your letter structure needs practice imo. the chunky parts of your letters and whip-like extensions sometimes dont make sense, and seemed forced... i would say try simpler letter styles and let your own style develop along the way..


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