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  1. just finished that orval, 1/2 through the abt12... both were most righteous, i probably should've waited for the abt, but it got so much good hype...

    thanks and please continue to recommend brews!

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  2. RADAR - your right leg on the 1st R in the throw is too small. I'd also try to round out the R tops less, or just throw some lower case r's on it... the had needs a vertical line on the D if youre going to do that, otherwise its hard to distinguish from an s... dope straight, and your last post shows you know what to expect in the future, keep it up, man.


    FATOL - no hate on you but that looks like ass. your bars are far from consistent and not the same width... pretty much no on that one. again, no hate but just dont reuse this haha... keep up the straights it really will help after a while...

  3. thanks for the suggestion, ill try to find the orval... crook if you know of places that have it in stock in houston pm me, please..


    ..as for the saint arnold, i never really dug them that much, though i heard 9 was pretty good...

  4. tax the fuck out of those exporting jobs/factories to other countries with much cheaper labor, supplies, etc.

    give reasonable tax cuts to those creating and hiring for domestic jobs.

  5. rewt - like the handstyle, but the letters are out of proportion/ need work on their flow...

    id go simpler and work my way up..


    lern - proportions are a little weird, the middle r and n bar should probably connect, i'd go simpler too, and work on the structure..

  6. ..yeah, if you want to know why you are doing them, look at the difference in extensions on your last ones vs. the top one in this set. The last extensions made the letters look weird/not good, these (though simple) extensions look more natural...


    ...basically youve made progression already and keep messin with those

  7. ^ not really

    no offense nek but you've been doing the same letters since ive seen you one here. When you add random extensions it doesnt make it better. on the above sketch, your letters are too thin to have random arrows coming out the sides, and the wings/breakaway pieces are wtf as well. Basically, you have too much empty space to add stuff. Try messing with your letter structure, use a capital e, kick your bottom k leg out straight, just experiment some...

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  8. No crits???


    the first 2 with simples on them are ok, keep it up. the others arent. Keep workin those simples until you get it down. on the one with the random arrows the extensions make it mad confusing and the arrows dont make it any prettier. and dont try to bend your bars like on the 2nd to last ones F and A yet

  9. No such thing as a front overcrook. They're called nosegrinds.


    ha, i somewhat agree, its a sloppiness factor. I hate fs overcrook personally because they only happen to me on failed fs noseblunts...


    ...however, i would 100% take a fs overcrook label than a fucking fs "suski"... ITS A 5 GODDAMN 0!!!!



    *that roll-in to launcher is crazy haha

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