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  1. I'm not exactly following you. What train of thought and ideaology are you refering to? My statements are based on my opinions of hundreds of 16-35 year old trainriders I've met. I know plenty of good ones, but most are douchey.
  2. I don't think you need any, you're obviously already retarded.
  3. There seems to be a huge gap between older and younger rail riders. The whole punkrock-trainriding thing changed the dynamic. Most trainriders these days don't have much in common with hobos of the past and don't care. There's a lot of drug and alcohol abuse among trainriders.
  4. Kabar and Texas Madman - How did you come to start posting on this forum? I'm just on here to see what other writers are using and view street art. Are there any other train hopping writers on here?
  5. I'm not feeling that ask/irysh/elocy...but bump the fuck outta that Value
  6. I ride freight, squat and all that jazz. Living on the street is what got me really into graff.
  7. has anyone tried using the methylene blue solutions for fish tanks? it's liquid, I don't know if it would be an effective additive
  8. This thread's getting better; the internet beef is tapering off. Inkheads, get the fuck up. On the street, not the net. I've been here a month and all I've seen is one little Dorms tag. All your pictures are of pieces out where I'd never see them.
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