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the graff giraffe

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  1. the graff giraffe

    Beginning Bible for Graffiti Writers

    just keep observing and learning from graffiti and draw and draw and draw. learn basic bar letters with even proportions odds are, you'll suck at graffiti for a while, so nobody wants to see that shit. nobody gets anything out of it. stay on paper for a while.
  2. the graff giraffe

    Canvas Thread

    viper, that's probably the most technically dedicated thing in this whole thread
  3. the graff giraffe

    i think a telethon is in order

    damn 12oz delivers the awesome ideas
  4. the graff giraffe

    News you couldn't possibly use.

    cant wait to laugh at that broke ass nigga in 5 years
  5. the graff giraffe


    suburbs have all this shit except "niggas outside" and hoodrats
  6. the graff giraffe


  7. the graff giraffe

    Port Arthur Massacre Police footage

    that's gross
  8. the graff giraffe


    if you're gonna do generic space canvases, at least do them correctly. I'm pretty sure there's a million people on youtube doing that shit step by step
  9. the graff giraffe

    Hot 22 year old bulgarians find the cameras spitfire installed /nobloodfart

    well, that's what they get for being hot and clueless.
  10. the graff giraffe

    Fight or Run?

  11. the graff giraffe

    camp bisco X...?

    i could tell from the title that this was some lame raver shit
  12. the graff giraffe


    Also, the whole premise of this show makes no sense. why would she want to sell weed as an income? it's a risky profession with low profit. she has a case full of expensive explosives but she would rather trade it for weed? what the fuck. there must be a million better ways to make money.
  13. the graff giraffe

    Breaking Bad

    good shit. It'd be really interesting to see gus's background story but I kinda enjoy the mystery.
  14. the graff giraffe


    she is a hot whore. but she's been less fun to watch as she make more and more typical dumb hoe decisions.
  15. the graff giraffe

    B **************** S **************** M's superdutytoughthread

    got damn i know right where that place is too. pretty hard to get hit unless you're being tarded.