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  1. Alright, so I've been out of the game for a long time. I went to Office Depot the other day to restock on White Out pens and noticed that Sharpie has changed the Magnum to a ney body type. Has anyone fucked with this yet? You can take the nib off and refill it like a Pilot Jumbo and it doesn't look like it would be as streaky and shitty as it was before. I haven't had time to fuck with it yet, but was curious to know what others experiences with it have been.
  2. Obviously The Cock and Balls of America. Panhandle Dickstorm.
  3. i would like to have a tool that can open any type of jar, lid, top to a marker without getting blisters and shit like that on my hands.
  4. i didnt see the tag in the first picture but the shit looks straight. I will probably post a picture of my pen ink and pvc primer mix by itself buffed on an inside. The ghost is nice. I havent seen my garvey pvc primer pen ink mix buffed yet, but im stoked on finding out.
  5. Well I personally didnt ask what the ingredients are. To be honest I dont think anyone cares THAT much about your ink. All i wanted to know is how it works with ink and some buff pics. but apparently by doing this you are giving away your powder formula. So just post some pics or something. If not, then just leave 12oz alone.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7B4ep2X2_0&NR=1 SEE AWW YOU KWOOOOWNS. hahahahaha
  7. Im pretty sure this is Mojo1
  8. I only use uni type body markers. Just due to the metal body for the chemicals i like in my inks. Krink is my favorite, once your done just fill it up with your own toxins. I mad a delicious fucking inside recipe. 1/2 Blue mixed with Red Pen ink to give a nice purple for the base (pen ink in my experiece is great on metal) 1/4 Pvc Primer for a staining additive and for corroding paint with its Xylene (PVC primer stains plastic surfaces like Bathroom wall kinda stuff. Insides sometimes have that same texture) 1/4 Garvey to make it more purplish and delicious (you just can't go
  9. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD oh god someone posted boobs. I have a feeling something fucked up will be put up next.
  10. Im not going to lie. I personally dont want you to tell us that this shit is mad hard staining ink. And i dont want you to advertise this shit. But it is the ink thread. So i want to know exactly how it works with the inks and post pictures of the stuff buffed and what not. I personally dont feel like wasting money just to find out something that might be nothing more that pp or gv or mb. So quit advertising it and just show us how the shit works and why it is so good.
  11. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo suki suki, i heard you give wonderful suki suki.
  12. is this in the panama city beach area?
  13. i love talking shit about people who keep it real and let everyone know whats up. So since i have this mad bitch craze faggotry running through my veins. I thought i would join this thread. "PUREHATCREW" is a fucking toy. Yea fuck this dude for speaking the truth and not bullshitting people. I hate people who do what they do for themselves and not to be cool with everyone else. Hear my Purehate, your a toy for being a straight up G
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