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  1. "so you think you can dance" is on telly just took a stilnox, waiting for it to work
  2. Are u fuckn serious man? This cat has bitten take2 so badly it hurts. not only has he ripped his style, he has just turned the k into a p, and then a shit job of it too. And what makes it worse is that u come along and suggest that "kids" take lessons from this. A very sad day for graffiti indeed. that is all
  3. toprock


  4. Those big fuckers eating the bird are Golden Orb spiders. u mostly find them in far northern queensland, Cape Tribulation etc. pretty harmless to peeps really, but when u walk thru the web its gnarly, very sticky. last time i walked into one i was v drunk and freaked out at the feeling of the web, started smackin myself all over, ended up killing the poor spider. such is life.
  5. Eminem gets my vote. oh wait, i didnt see 'best' in the thread title. oh snap, he aint dead either. this day just gets worse by the minute
  6. Re: Great Pictures~ loch'ard gorge 12 apostle's victoria, australia
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