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  1. it definitely looks like someone ate it. also nice oury grips.
  2. Saw a Mike Roper back piece New Years morning, probably 130 am/ish. Pretty incredible thing to see in person... awe inspiring really. Now the line between a big zapper or a motorbike is thin haha...
  3. the giants in general are jokers... not enough room for them in the nl west.
  4. yeah me too... but i also agree with the whole old timey dressing up sentiment. kind of kooky.
  5. i hate seeing chicks eating super gnarly fooods because i cant help but think about all that nastiness coming out their butts.
  6. 50% of that time lapse i was peaking at that chicks boob hahs
  7. teeth of satan maybe, dont really like it that much anyways. got some mike adams prints, gave some to mom and the others to myself.
  8. tattoos are just so popular now i think it's going to be hard getting something you think is "original". let alone its original enough that 10,000 people have had it over the last 50 or 60 years. shouldn't be a problem though if you're good and selifsh, just like having nice high quality tattoos and dont give a shit what some jobber hipster or meth addict has.
  9. RHDS


    they should just make that bike to fit 29 inch tires. gnarly off road ones.
  10. carhartt flannel shirt snow shades gold time teller
  11. why did the diamondbacks sign jason kubel? theres already three great outfielders in upton, young, and parra. parra won a gold glove last year in left and they want to replace him with kubel? i dont get it.
  12. RHDS


    good call. some squirt action, we've all been close or there before.
  13. i want some bhr horses. could be all sorts of old timey dope
  14. i like how bert krak colors the insides of his lettering. real cool look
  15. RHDS


    PINKBIKE.COM rules. hours of entertainment
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