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  1. My man, the forklift days coincided with the wall of red text days. And don’t get it twisted, I’ll fuck up a regular cheesesteak too, especially depending on where I’m getting it from. But I gots to chill on that red meat, son. I got a phobia of cancer, and it seems like everyone’s either ODing on drugs or getting cancer these days. And anyways, chicken cheesesteaks are good too . Ain’t nothing faggy about a chicken cheesesteak, and ain’t most you Cali niggas on that tofu vegan shit? Fuck outahere. 😆
  2. My man that is KETCHUP. Fuck is you talking about??? 😆
  3. If it's one thing I know about crazy bitches, this bitch got some bomb ass pussy and is a absolute fucking champion in the sack. 😆
  4. Looks are deceiving you. That shit was bomb as fuck.
  5. @misteraven Where's Symbols at? Tried @-ing her in here and nothing. Wasn't she one of your mods? We need her input on this matter! 😆
  6. Yeah, that's definitely not substantial to get the job done. I get grossed out if a bitch has a little piece of toilet paper ball on her ass, I ain't tryna smash no shitty ass. 😆
  7. But yeah, if you're a tourist I'd probably recoment clogging your arteries with the real deal. 😆
  8. Nah, I clown yall for calling for that cheese wiz shit. But chicken cheesesteaks are legit. I don't know how legit your Cali ones are, but in Philly they're legit. 😆
  9. Gotta cut down on that red meat, homie. 😆 Or you didn't know that was a thing? That's always been a thing.
  10. Unless she's down for a quick throat fuck? 😝
  11. First thing that popped into my head besides her being cute was all the fun things I could do with her. Then the second thing that popped into my head was "how the fuck does she wipe her ass???" I'm gonna have to reluctantly pass. 😆
  12. Like I said, flicking food ain’t really my thing. But here’s a chicken cheesesteak from a little corner pizza shop called Aramingo’s Best that I sent to my wife to make her jealous when I was in Philly last month for my homie’s funeral.
  13. Guess I forgot that was a thing now. Was actually kinda wondering if that was him with a different name. I can't believe how many people actually signed up to this shit with real emails that they still use to this day 20 years later. 😆
  14. You from Memphis? Where's Tre-Six?
  15. That did not go the way I expected it to. 😆
  16. Robot? I thought it said machine?
  17. LOL it would just be graff pics and clips of the kids skating. The fuck else am I gonna flick, food? Nah, that ain't me. 😆
  18. We go back for a week or two every summer. He definitely likes Philly better than here.
  19. That's actually my old hat that he found in a closet or some shit and made his own. He has mad hats but only rocks that one for some reason. .
  20. When skaters first started cutting off the bottoms of their pants, some dudes fucked up and cut them too short. And it ended up in classic skate videos. So now the younger kids see these videos and assume that was intentional and that that's the look, and so they're deliberately doing it wrong. The wildest part of it all to me is seeing them skate in 1992/93 era pants with like 60mm wheels. That's just wrong. 😆
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