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  1. Is the city just getting worse? Or improving
  2. god damn this thread is crackin USERS CURRENTLY VIEWING THIS THREAD: 312 (50 members and 262 guests) VANDALICIOU$$$ , Sloer , 604-GRAFF_FLEX , Bed. , mightymim , Frank the tank , 610est , ExcuseMySarcasm , carter6 , IAmMyOwnTrip , eggberto , arms1 , gansterSmurf , STLgraffitiPhotographer , bigugly , ghostnugz , MURDERTRAIN , UnseemlyElk , dirtbird , jamal smith , Philly Mills , sickmethods , onTHATotherSHIT , pepsiagainstcoke , Malachi 2:3 , quesodilla , tenadem , cutyourself , alexbaldwin316 , Something , Tuff Tone , ucka , Hot Paste , GORExROCK , perm nigga , uuEYEl , GNasty , tokelahoma , paintcansmovie , FunkyTunky , 313blades , SkepOne419 , Moldy Bread , dirty indian , AmusSilvanKrocker
  3. anyone fuck with Rolling Rock? I drank a six pack of it the other night and thought it was pretty good and not too pricey


    gonna pick up a case tonight after work and go drink with the homies can't wait.. I've probably already been an alcoholic for awhile and either haven't realised it yet or just don't give a fuck lol
  5. lol no kidding I mean just..... wow
  6. yeah I feel ya on that, its just nice to be able to see flix of shit I wouldn't normally get to see in person since I dont go downtown very much, but I guess thats my own fault lol
  7. who's got flicks of the Big Time Mob At Large shit? saw that going down I-5 today looks dope as fuck, actually saw alotta shit on I-5 today this thread sure fell off
  8. yeah cuz seattle is sooo much better:rolleyes:
  9. I dislike hearing about big busts like this but as long as it was some shitty mexi-brick weed then I could care less, but then again weeds still weed. Feel bad for the people who have to smoke that shit though lol gotta love the west
  10. awesome vid I really enjoyed that, seem like a bunch of chill dudes
  11. Bump the fuck outta the last page those Gime/Gufe's are dopeeeeee
  12. If tomorrow EVERY single substance on this planet magically vanished I would jump off the aurora bridge that lipid is fresh
  13. I don't know why I'm sharing this here on the oontz prolly a bad idea lol but I might aswell confess and get it off my chest *sigh* Im a 20 y/o virgin and never been kissed before probably the only one on this site :( go ahead laugh I don't give a fuck, and I'm a good looking dude but my whole life I've never been a very social outgoing person and can be pretty shy especially around women like I don't even know how to talk to them like they're of a different species or something, IT FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!! I wish I could kill myself and restart my life but instead be good at interacting with bitches idk, I just feel so helpless and lonely and it kills me that my teenage years which I'll never get back had to be so female deprived. But as much as it eats me away I try and ignore it and think positive doing stuff I like like skating,drinking/smoking with friends etc.. a few of my so called friends have said in the past "shit man we need to help get you laid blah blah blah" but nothing ever happens go figure right? I just hope to god it happens sooner than later I don't know how much longer I can take this. sry for the wall of text. /end rant
  14. she buyin panty-panty-panty-panty-panty-panty hoes panty-panty-panty-panty-panty-panty hoes LMFAO:lol:
  15. how the fuck does a 6th grader get let into a bar? serious question
  16. Anyone in Seattle hit up the street league tour when they were at Key Arena recently? kinda wish I went but whatever
  17. man I wish I didn't have work today it's so nice out I just wanna skate the abandoned school all day
  18. it's been there for a minute now surprised it's still running unless that flicks old
  19. Gee thats a tough one..........maybe thats his crew? dope page BTW
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