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  1. Is the city just getting worse? Or improving
  2. god damn this thread is crackin USERS CURRENTLY VIEWING THIS THREAD: 312 (50 members and 262 guests) VANDALICIOU$$$ , Sloer , 604-GRAFF_FLEX , Bed. , mightymim , Frank the tank , 610est , ExcuseMySarcasm , carter6 , IAmMyOwnTrip , eggberto , arms1 , gansterSmurf , STLgraffitiPhotographer , bigugly , ghostnugz , MURDERTRAIN , UnseemlyElk , dirtbird , jamal smith , Philly Mills , sickmethods , onTHATotherSHIT , pepsiagainstcoke , Malachi 2:3 , quesodilla , tenadem , cutyourself , alexbaldwin316 , Something , Tuff Tone , ucka , Hot Paste , GORExROCK , perm nigga , uuEYEl , GNasty , tokelahoma , paintcansmovie , FunkyTunky , 313blades , SkepOne419 , Moldy Bread , dirty indian , AmusSilvanKrocker
  3. anyone fuck with Rolling Rock? I drank a six pack of it the other night and thought it was pretty good and not too pricey


    gonna pick up a case tonight after work and go drink with the homies can't wait.. I've probably already been an alcoholic for awhile and either haven't realised it yet or just don't give a fuck lol
  5. lol no kidding I mean just..... wow
  6. yeah I feel ya on that, its just nice to be able to see flix of shit I wouldn't normally get to see in person since I dont go downtown very much, but I guess thats my own fault lol
  7. who's got flicks of the Big Time Mob At Large shit? saw that going down I-5 today looks dope as fuck, actually saw alotta shit on I-5 today this thread sure fell off
  8. yeah cuz seattle is sooo much better:rolleyes:
  9. I dislike hearing about big busts like this but as long as it was some shitty mexi-brick weed then I could care less, but then again weeds still weed. Feel bad for the people who have to smoke that shit though lol gotta love the west
  10. awesome vid I really enjoyed that, seem like a bunch of chill dudes
  11. Bump the fuck outta the last page those Gime/Gufe's are dopeeeeee
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