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Everything posted by bizack

  1. awesome...everything..jade 2 phone
  2. i will beat your face in niggerfaggot...mind your mouth
  3. someone needs to post that in the simpsons metalheads thread
  4. hell yeah!! aest bzee joint..aint seen that in years
  5. grow up and stop hating everybody..
  6. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es 700 freights in 2 years..... real talk....bump ono
  7. thats cool shit is fly..keep it up homie
  8. id like to see reti do some larger peices..
  9. holy shit..how did i forget that mber is my fav writer ever...thanks..hm
  10. wheeeeeeew...vizie is the shizie... my nizie
  11. hersey was gored to death early this month by a tbull in barcelona...
  12. and thanks for not getting all fancy bitch on all of us...cant read it dont need it
  13. cheers ph1 hope i have the luck of seeing your fr8s in 2020....
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