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Everything posted by bizack

  1. wow so many..kerse chessie..old sie delay alphabetitiks crew...thanks whats good!
  2. wow...high sigh expert ..forgot who else i liked..good job though
  3. jimy doin it real big..real talk niggerfaggot
  4. Re: Tennessee Metal oh yeah..all i used to see was jeka...
  5. Re: Tennessee Metal JEKA
  6. you guys should contribute to autoracks thread....real talk nigga
  7. gawd damn mek..slow down homie..let somebody catch up..
  8. more to come...like to keep this thread going..
  9. bizack


    man i love jepsy
  10. Re: Tennessee Metal AWESOME
  11. eye is prolly my fav..not really feeling that cense though..
  12. yeah..cant wait to see the raiden type dude..
  13. wow..both of those reds.. ^niggerfaggot
  14. i really love how consistant phone is..old school at its best...keep it up homie!
  15. kelm soe..one of my favorite nwriters
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