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Everything posted by bizack

  1. but i do like crel and rype.good job guys
  2. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es keep six..so fresh
  3. tha dirty thirty yah herd me
  4. the eye ball is public domain
  5. yep..told yall..phone is the new jase..good job homie
  6. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es its mr gaw...correct
  7. there should be a phone thread on metalheads...real talk...really real
  8. trust me ..hes a junk yard dog..just do what he say
  9. real grown man talk shaw..clean rooms..made beds
  10. sweet sassy mo lassy a new page..thank jesus
  11. its on the richmond thread many moons back.worth checking out..yes sigh
  12. egzy..everyones gona say your biting sigh..i love it..a good artist borrows a great artist steals
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