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Everything posted by bizack

  1. love that cevs spot...feds and i painted it 10 years ago...i bet cevs was in middle school then..looks awesome though..keep up the thug work
  2. speedballin in a 24 oz can..only 1.99
  3. joose...9.9 percent alc/vol..caffine ginseng,taurine...way better than coffee..at your local hood market...now sponsering bob one..
  4. thats how a train is supposed to be painted...mc crew
  5. hero is the shiznit...can somebody post the deathkult wall..
  6. a mill in da grill fa real...blingin ass tooth gawd
  7. dirty...post new mc wall flicks if you got em..i would but im stupid on tha computer
  8. and she turned my phone off cuz i was on her plan...
  9. my girlfriend dumped me 2day...:(
  10. now if youll excuse me..i gotta go put some water in bucknasty's mommas dish
  11. the most diabolical haters this side of the james...jealousy is a sickness..get well bitches
  12. there was a time when writers got along in richmond...im sure none of you guys remember it...
  13. bizack


    best post ive seen in a while...sigh..heat...keep up the good work
  14. dear reakt peice on the new mc wall, i have a huge graff crush on you..do you like me check yes or no yes no love bob oner
  15. love that mc train..want to see more..jade is awesome
  16. the r looks like its bowing b4 a karate fight
  17. hey promnight..i kinda driped a lil bit on lerk last night..no dis my marker went nuts
  18. i dont know if im in the right room but ...JAT..hit me up son,its a old friend from richmond
  19. hey dirty..i saw our trains from sexfest on a one of these frieght threads..it still looked good for walmart aluminum...holla atcha boy....
  20. reup..get at me fool its on this summer fo real
  21. shameless..i know i'll have some sweet graff flicks soon
  22. sorry for posting these in brick slayers, I have a graff crush on cevs. I dont even know the guy but I did a cevs piece. I sure hope he likes it B is for bobby
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