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  1. hahahaha!!! I TOTALLY saw that on my last flick adventure and meant to get a flick of that. I was thinking about the idea of just going to places and writing their store name, in a similar fashion, on the store. What would they do? I hope that was someone not associated with Bernie's, but regardless its pretty fucking cool/funny.
  2. ^^Co-signed, innovation cannot happen without trial and error. I suggest that instead of asking "how?" and "what?" that, if anyone is interested, you start by making a marker, flowpen, mop, or device of your own. Flick that guy and post it. You don't have tell people how you did it. Just show the device and a sample of the marking. Don't spoil the prestige of the magic. Just show the show. It will make others have to figure it out, and possibly find a better way of doing things... then you will have to figure out how they did it. Are you a person that gets things done... or do you just want all the answers and just plan on doing something and never actually follow through? Tomorrow, I will be posting a few of my favorite markers and their marks. I dare any of you to do the same. And don't ask me to SYN or anything stupid like that. Just see the show. Some flicks. Something to see. Participate. See you in 24.
  3. YEAH! Good idea! Then after its all done we can call MTV and see if they can make a reality show about a bunch of kids that have to live in a house and each kid gets a different ink and they try and see who is King of the house. They could having missions to hit spots and get it all on film so that the rest of america's viewing public, not just you guys, can get let in on every little idiosyncrasy that has been well reserved and respected until the internet became so popular and cheap. Lets commercialize graffiti!! GOOD IDEA... no! GREAT IDEA.
  4. So I'm not telling anyone what to do, because you can eventually figure it out... one way or another. But I suggest that if you are new to the game that you plan on not taking out multiple people with one tag, or going over a throwie/hollow with a tag(this is not in reference to anything other than the flicks below. There are others in VA that do this, but they pick their battles and back them up). Cevs - Crossed out. UFO(grunts, nyc), SANU(nyc), SLOE - Crossed out. Herse - Crossed out. Bunch of tags crossed, and RedOne's super drippy silver eating that kids shitty black paint. NO NEED to talk shit on here, just know that this behavior does piss people off. I was on the way to the store and saw these... who knows what else these toys went over.
  5. Thats it for now. By the time you read this, I hope to have even more to post. If you don't like what you see, then go out and do better. Because internet talk is just that... internet talk. Stay up!
  6. Even more dead mice... 12oz is down right now. This message is from the past. In the event that 12oz comes back up, this post will hopefully give you a good "Welcome back!" and will show some things you have not seen yet. But as always... If you don't like what you see, then go out and do something better. Internet talk is just that, internet talk. This post goes out to SSP! On with the show. Even more dead mice... more...
  7. (You've seen em' all before, so don't get upset.) Thats it. If you don't like what you see... then go out and do better, because internet talk is only internet talk. Stay Up!
  8. (You've seen em' all before, so don't get upset.) more...
  9. (You've seen em' all before, so don't get upset.) more...
  10. (You've seen em' all before, so don't get upset.) more...
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