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  1. PART 2 of 2 dedicated to RCADE. He's not a bad cat to know... if you are on his good side. I heard about this one time, he... more...
  2. The box it was shipped in wreaked of the stuff! Thats a good sign. If your ink/paint mixtures don't make you light headed, and your hands shake before you open the container... then you haven't got it right just yet.
  3. ^^I love this city, which one...? Oh yeah... who wants a sticker?
  4. the end of part 1 for today. Sorry for some blurry flicks. Dark and Rainy, makes for Blurry and Grainy. Stay up.
  5. ^^Kid is trying and that is awesome! more...
  6. So as I said before... This one is dedicated to GOBone(who I will flick from now on). This is part 1 of 2... about 50 or so. Another 50 or so later today. A nice LONG walk... in the rain. more...
  7. ^^classic! I got a lot of stuff coming... and my next flix post is dedicated to GOB the magician, who I never take flix of... until I saw the philly tall attempts. You can't hate on a dude that doesn't cross out others, and tries to learn as many styles as they can... regardless if they get it or not. I have walked past a lot of GOB tags and never flicked em' thinking it was just a one semester wonder. I was wrong. I will flick this cat from now on. That post in about an hour.
  8. ^^true. In a way though, his film is a working piece of art/film as well a document to the past that I feel could only truly be "heard" by those that have walked the tracks with the intent of not being seen or glorified for it. The laymen isn't going to get this far into 12oz, with all the jibber jabber, to grasp the romance that is straying from common day society. I am very happy to see streaks and their appreciation on a thread in here. There has been no shit talk in this thread and that blows my mind. That is the magic that I feel should stay in the shadows. Should just be a thing that some people do. The day I see a streak on a pair of Nikes is the day when I might just lose it. Give everything way and truly just live off the land for as long as it can be done. Bump this thread, Bill's movie, and those rails.
  9. No dis to KART, but if you use this nasty ass shit... you will laugh at all the efforts of the home chemist kids that keep asking the same boring questions of will this work with this. Will this work with that. I make my own paint/inks... and they work really well. I STILL buy Do'Em Dirty and when it gets buffed or painted over, it's still there. Still visible. Learn to make your own stuff(just go to page 1 of this thread), but if you want instant results or a better than your own ink... Get at that Outdoorsman DED.
  10. you guys have new philly sire, but back in the early 90's there was a DC Sire that was well know for the classic 90's DC era and a east coast freight cat. He has a RIP tribute wall in Brooklyn across from Mass Appeal HQ. Sire(DC/NY).
  11. As for 27... I've seen whole cars, and large scale (pieces?/streaks?) that have a spray paint base color scheme with heavy streaks creating the detail on top. I think it's brilliant, if not original at least, to be honest. Except for his earlier stuff, were he was putting the exact date on all his streaks. Good to not see that now. ^^Thats awesome. Do you remember the title of the book? Great Thread!
  12. Thats a good call. I could just setup a cheap linux build and setup a proxy at home. Thanks again. Been out of the loop for a little while... but it's good to be back. I have JAP here on this pc, but hangs on the jre.exe portion of the installation. You mentioned a "main file" that I would need to have with JAP. Was this a proxy list?
  13. Thank you. I will make that later tonight and try tomorrow.
  14. I cannot access websites with meta tags that relate to any of these topics. I cannot research the problem from here. The links get blocked.
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