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  1. if you're not from philly don't even try. it's our heritage, not yours.
  2. thanks man! we'll be back to Virginia beach with Agitator on Jan. 9th to wrap up a 2 week winter tour, definitely want to get back to Richmond though. sucks about that warehouse spot getting shut down. that place ruled.
  3. yeah, i play in WA...how long ago did you order a shirt? Our mail order dude is super busy so sometimes it take s a little while to get orders shipped out, i think everything has been shipped out except international orders right now. if you want to pm me i can check for you.
  4. wrong answer was supposed to play this, but we couldn't make it for some reason so our boys in agitator jumped on. bummed i won't see my dudes in vice and homewrecker...this show is going to be pretty ill.
  5. mind is blown by every piece
  6. ^^^ bump the shit out of that
  7. brizo tsek dusk lions oil RIP aest
  8. sidebusting the fuck out of skrew and nekst
  9. smellycheese


    not mint 1134 rth. no thanks
  10. fake SDK, what a bunch of corny faggots
  11. erin andrews is way too fucking hot
  12. smellycheese


    nhl2k10 on xbox anyone?
  13. just got back home to philly from portland..saw orge a bunch. cool little city
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