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  1. I am super into anyone who makes a good Saison. Yards is doing it pretty good for a domestic craft...
  2. more of the broad... less of the wack shit surrounding her... thanks.
  3. Shit mountain but i go to Blue in the Poconos about twice a week, I would totally be down to go in on a bus/van trip to a better/bigger mountain.
  4. This week im really into: and anxiously awaiting this to be stocked at the local watering hole again this year:
  5. making believe im working, and reading MERO's Blog.
  6. Handmaster Flash & MC Breeze Discombobulator Bubalator http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHieiJSa2IA
  7. ^ yep. substitute the lemonade with absolut citron...
  8. Light and Delicious. Perfect summertime beer.
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