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  2. You're at the top of the page brah!! I truly am envious of your accomplishments
  3. Being sober. Not being able to go to the next block with the rest of my older biker friends. DX-ING EVERYBODY!!! (And not knowing what it meant)
  4. http://www.omg-facts.com/view/Facts/46224 You only have two fears when you are Born: "When you are first born your only fears were of falling and of loud noises. They are built into your DNA and have been passed down from generation to generation as a survival mechanism Their sole purpose is to keep you alive, and create emotion that will motivate you to avoid danger. Every other fear you face you have learned throughout your life. "
  5. Nonsense Page #1369??? Twitter suggests I follow this. Coincidence? ......Or Freak Occurrence http://twitter.com/#!/AhhYeah69/status/142783019143540738
  6. HAHAHA^^^ Oh and I realized today that this whole post-twitter "Team" shit fucking started with two of the greatest I've ever been a part of: TEAM HANDSOME TEAM MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME
  7. QUEEN - BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY And take the last minute to let my body recede slowly back into the earth.... The only reason I look forward to dying
  8. TRUTH TIME: I can't help but call people out.... Not like dudes wearing something fucking stupid but when people speak and state something fucking ridiculous, I'm gonna be the motherfucker to say shit I really shouldn't. To people I really shouldn't. At fucking times I shouldn't. Big and small issues. Girl at work said she doesn't eat mcdonalds and strictly organic shit for health & purity reasons then everyone applauds her for being so resilient against artificial food. FUCK THAT! Bitch don't you smoke? Like constantly on smoke breaks? How you 'scusted at my #6 while you drown in chemicals?????? I smoke too but go fuck yourself...... I immediately said in so many words. Also, she's my supervisor. My big mouth.
  9. "Uploaded by yabsAV on August 3, 2011 One wanted to swim a bit. But the securities were not so enthusiastic about it and have tried the man and his buddies to go out there talking about. Impressive was not." *Translate button
  10. Oh great gods of bitches' fashions..... Why hast thou taken tube tops from us? The bitches be lookin fiine in 'em... and simplicity of ease gets my titty jockin started early.
  11. Black dudes selling shit like that (amongst black cool culture clothing) are just as worse as their counterpart white version selling Dancey dance skinny pants n striped muscle tees... Theres an equal amount of abhorrence towards both. Equality.
  12. And that is EXACTLY what I think I should do at this moment and just pass out randomly somewhere around this house....
  13. That is the greatest thing I've seen in forever long timez. And I'm partially, if not entirely, not even kidding. Like whoa...
  14. My nigga TV Johnny! Met that motherfucker so many damn times... He's cool as fuck and so funny lookin around 6ft plus rappers hahah
  15. Apparently #FREEEARL worked... http://pitchfork.com/news/44674-tyler-the-creator-says-earl-sweatshirt-is-back/
  16. I appreciate that you took regular ass photos with more intention on enjoying yourself and soaking up the life than running around with a canon t12321t123 changing lenses and adjusting exposures. You sir are not an asshole. Thank you for sharing and I hope to enjoy what you've seen in my life experiences. And I hope you fucked that bitch.
  17. Brought it back dead on empty, never payed me back but said my bad. He probably fucked my bitch after he parked my car (WHOOP!) but I left the hoe that night anyways. We talked after the breaking of glasses but another thing occurred and we mutually parted ways. Told 'em I would when I could but never did. I care less and less the more he calls about it. Credit card collectors... What's the deal with that?
  18. @Jess_Schiff - "Long video, at one point a group fights a cop" http://yfrog.com/10xrqz
  19. HAHAH That shit is too good and a well put video. WHOOP! Lil B - I GOT AIDS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guutBEbbde8 This song is real as shit. Niggas won't even give a chance. Really though this shit is underrated and will probably always be because of the mass ignorance and close mindedness of people.
  20. Homeboy I used to be super cool with, haven't talked in a month+ is bugging for cash for raybans I broke while drunkenly pissed. Fixed for free within the week and then bought a new pair. At this point I just don't like dude and I'm just being an ass about it. I'd prefer to discuss our bullshit differences before laying priority to money.. But alas the concern is monetary. I deal not in the company of those whose chief affair is such trivial things as currency. Besides, nigga they didn't even look thaaat good on you. And you once stole my car and took off to the beach with my gf and your lil brother while leaving me stranded at work without a ride. Then returned the car at around 1am or so. /endbullshitrant
  21. Well don't. Please Don't. My points is all I have in life. Currently sitting.
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