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  1. That motherfucker is a genius. The world needs more of "--CHRIS"
  2. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000522650912 Pretty sure same gal... If anyone would like to be runner up in her mouth
  3. Quoting myself from the cell phone pic superthread... Driving like a complete fuck is nonsense.
  4. I don't remember taking this photo because I took this when I was blackout drunk. I ended up 20+ miles from my home down the wrong freeway... I could've died driving at that speed or worse killed someone else. Could've Ryan Dunn'd myself (RIP) Drunk driving is some real shit and I wanna stop before I learn my lesson the hard way, worse my family learns it. Ya'll fucking be careful out there. Go hard this weekend, don't fucking go away Oontzers.
  5. Hahahahahah BURNOUT! WHOOO!! LET'S GO! GO! GO!
  6. You sir are the king of golden finds..... Well done.
  7. Your links are autoplaying your playlist broski.. I met the lead singer of iwrestledabearonce.... She's really sweet. And super cute. Also, batman interrogation + REPAIR made me LOL crazy and woke up my bro. He's pissed now. I'm still laughing.
  8. Fuck that. It's only $5 on his website https://buy.louisck.net/ and homie put his own money into filming and releasing the show for us to buy at a 1/4 of the cost rather than fucking letting a company get involved and charge us $20+ for a DVD/Bluray release. He would've made waaay shitloads more had he went that route. Really too fucking good and climbing his way into legendary not to earn a $5 spot. Originality and shitting all over everyone with crazy humility. Fuck that's not impossible for money to make you not an asshole
  9. Don't know if this has been properly addressed buuuuuut.... While they were capturing the two mud stuck zombies old farm nigga said "My dead ass nigga that your boy shot used to do this bullshit." And I was like "OH!" Sooooo deducing the facts. Fat ol farm dude got ate the fuck up before he could tell the faggot search boys that he molested a lil lost zombie bitch in the barn while rounding up. They were all so wrapped up in shot fagboy that they never mentioned the lost lil girl to his twinkie fingers lookin ass. Basically.
  10. I don't fucking care about shit. And also, I think my brother's plan about being an asshole until people just quit bothering you cuz they know you're gonna be asshole..... is working.
  11. Me n the current girl supposed to be at a dinner for her moms bday: "Oh I won't be there til 7" "Cool lemme know when you're on the way" "Will do sir" At 7:30, fully dressed and I remembered why I've been single for so long
  12. Preps? They just look like regular lame white boy jerk offs..... Got high school issues tho broseph??
  13. I fucks with them. I might one of the goofiest nicest dude you'll meet but when it comes to music I get ignorant as hell. White girls both get the dick while me n Riff Raff freestyle about king tut, candy chains and screw
  14. What a fucking hater dude... Homeboy pops some lil wallride shit and all you can do is sideline and hate an $18 t-shirt and look for high fives for it.... Really urked you enough to pull it, post it and comment. Everyday must a rough venture for you ultimate style
  15. I really wanna say this is funny or intuitive but it just falls short. Almost obvious and overdoing it with the details and scenario.... I have no problem with people making fun of shit I like, at all. As long as it hilarious though. Like if you're gonna burn all my gi joes at least use gasoline in an impressive way.
  16. I read "I write for a magazine," stopped reading, scrolled to check for tits and now I'm replying. BUT this year did give us Rebecca Black
  17. In my spam folder there are two email subjects labeled as so: Best-Penis.................. Coffee_Lovers......... So every time I glance it says "Penis Lovers"
  18. This shit was funny as fuck!! Shit wasn't even that bad to be honest. I thought dude was gonna flat out cry or he gets crazy embarassed in front of packs of friends/girls or some shit. Obviously, motherfuckers never been to small/shitty/hood mexican party. That shit is average and mexicans are mad shit talkers especially to our own kids. Humble the motherfuckers and let em know they aint shit! Don't hype up the lil ego of a fucking teenager.
  19. It's definitely still somewhere around these swamps.... It gets bumped every few months or so and sink into the abyss that is channel zero's past..... Also, I somehow have been consistently faulted to be the owner of the homo dungeon and/or pics. Dont know when this started.. I would own up to it and just act like "Yeah dude totally my dungeon" but the homo dungeon.... is about latex dudes... fucking. Dressed in all black like gay anal seals.
  20. I talk shit to pretty girls when I'm drunk.... Did so last night and thoroughly enjoyed my shit talk exchange with a lovely lady. They know they enjoy that shit.
  21. From what I've learned over the years... Basically you grab a location, grab an object and a verb...... "The 12oz Toaster Pop" You're fucking welcome.
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