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  1. DIDN'T READ NOTHIN. How fucking Complex is the pointlessMedia Bar
  2. Aye really tho besides the fuck ass letters the color schemes and patterns are def on hit and balanced.. #creditwherecreditisapplicable
  3. Gross dude you 'hear' him. That's total homo. So I had my second show last night and none of my own people who said they were gonna go went except for like one co-worker. I partially bombed with the exception of my co-worker, his buddy and a couple other dudes chuckling. Place had like 18 people in it with like 6 or 7 paying attention. Halfway through I became uneasy, a lil awkward and misplaced with my joke line/flow. Mostly because I didn't do the intro that I wanted and some dude's stare totally threw me off. Basically I'm the wed/sun host's only standup guy and he wants me to return weekly. Telling the same set if I want and I probably will. The jokes are good the delivery needs 'hella' work.
  4. AYYYYYYYYYE!! I did my first standup show sunday and got invited back this wednesday. I didn't kiiill but my jokes definitely landed within about a 20+ people crowd (at least paying attention). No one else even performed that night but the host told me Wed nights get packed up to around 100 people. So def into this and I really appreciate this thread and the support. Man I REAALLY fuckin like this. Nerves totally left after a couple minutes being up there. And yea my before practice outline is: small note or expanded joke, practice out loud in car or on various people without them realizing I'm trying material and while I was up there I ad-libbed/improved on the jokes. *I don't travel much but if the opportunity ever comes around, I'll def drop by Meds, thanks.
  5. I love Snooki. I would marry Snooki.
  6. Dear self, mind and stomach, Quit staying troubled. That stage will take care of itself. You got this. Just bomb, look like a dumbass asshole and walk away. - ATWW PS You're a stupid asshole enjoy the weekend and get yourself very, very drunk faggot.
  7. That's awesome man! You were good enough to be asked for an encore. Were you prepped for that or you just winged the extra 5 min? And I heard 5-10min actually lasts alot longer than it sounds. I just emailed to be put down for an open mic this sunday, still waiting on a reply.
  8. Just so you don't think you're the first one on the oontz to know this..... http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showpost.php?p=8467761&postcount=36305 But rather the first one to not be lazy about it.
  9. This isn't nonsense. Just trying to help my fellow broke asses out: Good ass pillow for $3 and some change plus free store pickup http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/67948/sears.com-cannon-supersize-jumbo-fiber-pillow Shit lord knows I needed one #couchlife
  11. Aye I'm tryna follow my regular #Channelzero heads on this twitter thang? Props me with the @ and get that follow. If you ain't a regular tho I can't fucks with ya.... Strictly TeamHandsome, TMFA etc etc blah blah blahh
  12. Slow your counter-hissy fits. No one called you racist. Being from Texas, I'm all about white culture. Being not white I could care less but I'm always enthused when people are about themselves and their 'roots' (although I hate that phrasing). At any rate, I have very little history of either of these dudes so that may be largely to due with my support of this. It generally looks funny and they're getting a chance to make it big in the comedy world. I support anyone looking to climb ropes, albeit if I agree with their style or delivery.
  13. This show is good. It's originality and approach but of course only time will tell if it appeals. Shit, Demitri Martin was good but too good for lower thinking (family guy-ists) america... So cancelled. But it's not even that they're black. They use them being black in certain sketches because they fit character but no one dragged Chappelle down for using that or "appealing to white america." The fact that they're black is irrelevant, completely irrelevant. Sucks that that's the first thing ya'll saw and strongly held onto it. Thought ya'll niggas was cool with black culture but apparently cultural crossovers turn ya'll pissy pants.
  14. Playing MW3 for the first time in about a month... Getting my ass whooped, chopped and handed back to me... Shit is brutal right now.
  15. Dear Edoggg, Firstly, glad you're not dead and all that. Welcome home. Nope. Never in person buuuuut I may be just basing all this off rumors and tinychat talks.... Yea years back like when premium membership was just announced.... Fuck dressing girly tho. - ATWW ___________________________________ Dear Twitter, You're always more fun to be around than facebook. Fb isn't as loving or understanding as you. Let's keep this between ourselves. -ATWW
  16. And good luck to ya'll going out and doing it. Major life props. I'm still super in pussy mode about it but I'm just gonna jump into it once I get back in town.
  17. I HIGHLY recommend watching "Talking Funny" on HBO, I'm sure it's online if you don't have the channel. Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais and Chris Rock sit around talk comedy. Completely interesting, 'inspiring' as far as comedic careers and that fields go. They even mention their first jokes and standup early years..
  18. http://images.4chan.org/b/src/1326786076620.gif
  19. LINK RELATED http://boards.4chan.org/b/res/374720727#374729018
  20. Maaaaaaaan I was looking forward to a scavenger hunt-esque thread.. Wherein someone posts a meal choice and the next person or people would have to find (or cook) that meal and post pics.
  21. Damn those kids are fucked up and they acted all hard (nh) while they jumped one dude. What's laughable on those kids part is after all those so called punches & kicks dude was still able to get up and talk coherently. Weaksauce.
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