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  1. then why was everybody hypin him super tough from the gates? ..cus hes a HELLA better liar than bush was, and people LOOOVE being fooled and deceived period. and thats why he was being praised and worshipped so heavily.
  2. yes, fuck the system. dont forget about while hes in there.
  3. rp.mag lets see that unbiased photography your famous for!
  4. BLOW GOES HARD! NH my favorite one from him was the BLACK panel he did in the different shades of black and grey.....soooo fuckin good, some one post that agasin and boms!
  5. Re: ...and the circle of stupid is complete. Sarah Palin says that Obama's "Death Panel" . SMASH! sooo tuff.
  6. i know, its just like how they euthanize old people. its not putting your dog down....its DEATH WITH DIGNITY! whatever.
  7. why do people dub it ''putting my dog down'' versus, yo ''i killed my dog today'' what is the difference ?
  8. well this bitch is for sure dying of ovarian cancer, being that a single un-natural termination of pregnancy increases the risk by150%. but i guess this 'project' was so fucking worth the concept and attention that she will literally die from it. fuck off with this shit..... for real. not art.
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