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  1. any idea what time? I don't think Im gonna get in until like 9
  2. This is where its at for yal who like the safety razors. And if you are comfortable shaving yourself with one of these, I think this one would be a welcome edition to your collection. And as far as regular shaving goes, I'm with watson. The barber does that shit official, and cheap. And I don't have to worry about weilding a small sword next to me neck if I want a straight razor shave.
  3. Thanks a bunch. You guys have been very helpful. I'm just gonna keep this thread open in my phone and try to do a bunch of the suggestions posted as I go along. And I know here has been a bunch of threads about this, so thanks for posting in spite of that.
  4. I am going to NYC this weekend. I have never been there, and I am pretty pumped. Let me know of some cool shit to do that doesn't include wasting all my time at tourist spots. I will greatly appreciatte it, and props can be given out if it tickles your fancy. Thank you GYP
  5. - People who wait until the last possible second to put their left turn signal on. therefore making me wait behind them while they turn. -Chewing with your mouth open. (My girls whole family does this). -Girls that don't give head
  6. They're trying to do it all over the place. Denver is the worst. But if we as owners of the breed don't start standing up for them they will be gone. BSL is fincredibly stupid, and solves nothing. If they outlaw Pits, the people who are using them to attack people and to be aggressive, are going to go out and get rottweilers. or mastiffs, or dobermans, or a Bull Molosser. Whatever the next coolest thing is. And if BSL isnt kept in check, we'll all be able to own Chihuahua's, and that's it.
  7. That's fucked up man. The county better come strapped if they try to take my dog. BSL is some racist shit.
  8. Im a big fan of weeds. I have every episode up to date Dl'd. In the later seasons Andy is hilarious
  9. ^Holy shit........... Im sorry Willie. That shit is fucking awful. RIP
  10. king had this weird look on his face when I took this. Like he was sayin, "Yea, I'm about to bag your girl. "
  11. Thanks. He's a good dude. His smile is a killer
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