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  1. just change the top of the E on that last sketch... like... check it out.
  2. I know when I get old my ass is still gonna be jacken shit...
  3. KERSE AKTR ENVYS MAD And all those HEIST r.i.p.'s
  4. Bed.

    Yard Safety

    This helped me out when I saw it, so I thought I might as well share it... These are the numbers that people keep talking about for those of you that do not know... Follow what is being said in this thread, and try not to end up like that...^^^^
  5. Re: Great Pictures~ My hommies flick...
  6. That last ZONE production is killen it...
  7. ^^^That shit is sick as fuck...
  8. Ya fuck some Ventures, rock the Royal's...
  9. That place looks dope as fuck to skate... Is it at a hommies house? Or just some indoor park?
  10. And if someone could please tell me how ARMEE gets away with some of his spots, that'd be greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.
  11. Bump for the STORI COUPE TEAD ARYS and MINES shit...
  12. Bed.


    HEK and MAK = GHEY
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