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  1. was just telling my girl about this
  2. bump the homie Taste not sure why I've never looked at this banging ass thread before
  3. Or you can drink a grown man beer instead of piss.10%
  4. fyi: Gonzo also gets free paint for graff events that should go to the artist but keeps for himself. Got a free pallet of 94 for the Graffiti Gala that none of you got(not the first time either). Profits off of you because he has no real talent. Also started a graffiti tour to show off our walls, not his walls because he can't do it himself. Sold out so hard on our work not his. Do not support Aerosol Warfare, it's not for the culture, kids or any B.S. they say, it's for Gonzo's pockets!
  5. .....as dope as it is is this statement is still true
  6. 8 year olds , why bump child molesters
  7. got shots of the rest of that wall
  8. hell yea, saw that Jade roll over 45 downtown last week
  9. first pic in 6 years, knaw what I'm saying
  10. nope, but nothing like popping a spot's cherry
  11. or you can not be lazy and look thru the thread or use that computer and search the internet. Why have technology if your too lazy to use it
  12. see them all the time in Houston
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