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  1. If you can't do straight lines with Rusto you are either A)New Jack that has only used fancy paint. B)Non-American(never had to use rusto) C)A toy that should stop but just does ugly shit because that's all you can do. Bump Large, good guy
  2. http://movies.netflix.com/WiPlayer?movieid=70117925&trkid=2722743 really impressed by these. And just think of all the shit they left out.
  3. look a door and a phone and some cats for good measure
  4. bip bot boo, yea you know. huh
  5. LULUS IN SAN ANTONIO Open late, and has some of the most baller salsa. Funny note Lulu now works with her son at the vegetarian restaurant Green. The "cfs" is pretty good too
  6. lots of full series on Netflix have popped up in the last month, Bleach, Trigun, Avatar, Inuyasha....
  7. Gatsby over Abels, weak. going to go over something cover it all up
  8. that's the best you can do? come on, people are usually a little bit more witty about word slip-ups. And rich kids' credit cards that their parents gave them are keeping these clowns on the air waves. But on the real I must be old because this "music", fuck no word it's just crap. Brr
  9. White people = enablers of bad music. If you stop buying this shit they will stop making it. Kids should get a metal, not jail
  10. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks Wanye Bubble Futurama Truck
  11. $8 for that new Montana Hardcore? you must be the one joking! Come on we have been doing this for a minute and not a rookie that wants to make a quick buck off of kids.
  12. and of course nobody from in between LA and New York were involved. I always seem to forget that we all live in a wasteland
  13. some chick wants to show off of stuff and you get mad about it. fucking homos
  14. Naw bro he's from Mexico and illegal
  15. Yea some toy who happens to live next to a lay up in San Antonio. Went over a bunch but retards keep coming back
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