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  1. i just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in..
  2. apply directly to the butt.
  3. both of the emerica videos are a must see.
  4. yeah i had the same problem with shove-its for a while,now im better at them switch soo i cant complain
  5. yeah i was obsessed with bad brains when it came out.
  6. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD no hardcore dancing in the living room.
  7. ^^sorry that picture isnt relevant to the thread..theres some skateboarding for good measure.
  8. theres my buddy at the brooklyn banks not long ago..wasnt hard for him to get around.
  9. Re: Splinter in The Shitter same here..i havent had a job for a year and living off of petty scams arent cutting it.
  10. Re: Splinter in The Shitter havent seen this thread in a while..who's alive?
  11. that nollie shuvit was sick.. any body been to skateplaza yet?
  12. as much as i dislike bam..i can still say i really like this movie.
  13. Re: Splinter in The Shitter Im watching deal or no deal and its getting very intense.
  14. those cta's are soo fresh. rest in peace.
  15. Re: Splinter in The Shitter did you eat it though?
  16. Re: Splinter in The Shitter dairy queen killed my stomach.
  17. Re: Splinter in Her Shitter im watching chernobyl heart..i havent seen it in a while.
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