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  1. I know that..but thats no excuse to be filling up pages with bullshit talk.
  2. can you all just shut the fuck up and post photos?
  3. I know..i wasnt very psyched when i looked back at it and noticed i said yeah after every trick...but thats what happens when you smoke pot all day and try to film 30 tricks in one day.
  4. thanks for the tip guy..like i said,it was poorly done.
  5. This..Omar was a great character.
  6. Here's a little something I filmed for a weekend contest..similar to thrashers king of the road,but poorly done.
  7. Happens everyday..find a stash house.
  8. false tpbm likes cough syrup for more than just a cold.
  9. true..but ive never had the privilege to date one,only pale girls like me. tpbm drinks koolaid like water
  10. Im 22..never did anything bigger than a 9 stair,but i still skate everyday.If you truly love skateboarding,no matter if you suck,you should never quit.
  11. ehh..I smoked pot everyday for 6 years straight,I actually just quit...6 days clean suckas! tpbm prefers brunettes over blondes
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