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  1. Im just now seeing this for the first time..what a shame,I remember the guy always been nice and having good input..I think I might have traded sketches with him way back.. Condolences to his family and friends..RIP
  2. These are all pretty old and low quality..I dont really post on here anymore but i have nothing better to do.
  3. thanks for posting beware of sasquatch..ive been waiting to see it.
  4. http://12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76245&highlight=tropicana
  5. If you all are seeing pezzy for the first time just now,you need to step your game up because he has been doing it big for years..baleehdat
  6. Both of you are my homies,shut the fuck up..keep the e-beefing to a minimum please and thank you.
  7. Ive been sleeping on this thread..best post ive seen in a while.
  8. photo of the yard..*right click,Set as desktop background*
  9. Jiglr is pushing hard.. kamel is coming up also,keep up the good work fella's.
  10. what the fuck..those bucharest dudes are crazy.
  11. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD This page provided some epic lulz
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