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  1. Sorry if I missed your shit or if it's bad quality
  2. I know my posts arent the best but I don't care it's for everyone.
  3. good reefers "on freights no one can hear you scream"-norms
  4. Al Green is the best thing to help a bad relationship
  5. Recently I saw a dead body laying on the side of an expressway,which apparently had been thrown out of the side of his jeep also another time in early 06 i was leaving Cincinnati with a few friends and we saw an RV on the side of the road upside down and completely smashed..didnt look like anyone in there survived but I wasnt able to find a news article about it to find out.
  6. wish i had the clip of the ice cream man who sells smack dvd
  7. heist rip ham nace rip ridl wyse alot of good shit
  8. "It's that now shit, man. White niggas ain't oven got this." Paid in full
  9. its cold outside,and this thread is awesome
  10. Its the first friday of every month,definitly worth checking out..its also two blocks from the skatepark.you wont find many galleries with any graffiti related work,but my friend who lives in the neighborhood throws a party every time the hop happens and thats normally a fun turn out.
  11. If it wasnt good enough,send me hateful messages
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