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  1. my last post got fucked up because of bandwidth..so im reposting them along with some new ones
  2. fuck photobucket..im not going to pay money to put pictures on the internet
  3. BNFE! kerse wyse sivel good post
  4. caught some of these a week ago much eser nace rip queensgate looking pretty
  5. that kepto sars ssw is a beauty seen that isto/oiler cnw a couple different times recently kerse ridl simp
  6. when mines heist rip nace rip soo many good boxes
  7. Its actually a song by elliott smith..who took his own life 4 years ago on this day.(8-6-1969 10-21-2003)
  8. detroit and toledo box that line of cryos
  9. 3 of those were taken from inside of a car
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