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  1. BNFE! kerse wyse sivel good post
  2. caught some of these a week ago much eser nace rip queensgate looking pretty
  3. that kepto sars ssw is a beauty seen that isto/oiler cnw a couple different times recently kerse ridl simp
  4. when mines heist rip nace rip soo many good boxes
  5. Its actually a song by elliott smith..who took his own life 4 years ago on this day.(8-6-1969 10-21-2003)
  6. detroit and toledo box that line of cryos
  7. 3 of those were taken from inside of a car
  8. Sorry if I missed your shit or if it's bad quality
  9. I know my posts arent the best but I don't care it's for everyone.
  10. good reefers "on freights no one can hear you scream"-norms
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