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  1. fucking on the bridge takes the cake OH SHIT 3000 POSTS! NOW IM LEET!
  2. true..i have very nice elbows..but i happen to scrape them up alot tpbm lives in california
  3. truth the person below smokes alot of pot
  4. explosions in the sky - your hand in mine
  5. I dont post anymore because for the most part message boards are lame, especially when graffiti writers are involved..way too many opinions and alot of nonsense.
  6. thanks moogs and seyer..i did a few google searchs but i could never find the whole track list.
  7. I never post on here anymore but i need to find out the name of a song..its in dirty handz 3..i believe its called "the night" or just "night" but i have no idea who the artist is..im sure one of you knows who it is
  8. astro timber ridle gyroe rip
  9. when west side! mirg much real proper colossus "imaginary friend"
  10. gamble kerse ridle that halloween size21 is extra fresh
  11. kerse spice tead heist still living on the lines riot
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