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  1. Re: I need to stop taking my girl to house parties/ high alcohol tolerance sucks/ drunk po DUMP HER
  2. Re: I lost Husk thats racist..and this is my last post of the night
  3. you'd be nonconforming too if you looked just like me
  4. false tpbm was too broke to go out tonight
  5. thats some grade a gnarly shit
  6. did anyone peep the alex perelson vert wall drop in?
  7. howmuchwoodcouldawoodchuckchuckifawoodchuckcouldchuckwood
  8. cute cow costume..but the mj gif made it creepy
  9. most threads of the same subject on channel zero ever?or is bill cosby still reigning supreme?
  10. I have lost alot of friends to drugs..and its not like it isnt expected when youre young and toying around with heavy shit,and most people dont know the repercussions. Its just sad to see this stuff still happening around me,but it will never end..thats just life. I hope you find your calling bloodfart..cause im still looking for mine
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