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  1. I feel bad for conan just for being around that douche.
  2. Re: Fucking Favorite Flickr Flicks awesome thread.
  3. http://theberrics.com/dailyopspost.php?postid=1505 thrashin thursdays
  4. true..never been to a scum club before. tpbm has a cold they cant get rid of
  5. I dig this guys style..anyone have a flick of the panel he did in boston?
  6. whats with that simp avert sidebust?
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5HfWjQVul4&feature=player_embedded
  8. Damn..I want to go on a scumbag killing spree,but what help is that going to do in the long run.
  9. at one time i was really into this band..i stopped liking it a few years ago,and for some reason im starting to enjoy it again.
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